Billionaire pledges to invest more than $1bn in clean energy technology

Billionaire financier and philanthropist George Soros has pledged to invest more than $1bn of his own money in clean energy technology to tackle climate change, says an article in The Guardian. Please click on the link hereafter to read the article.

Sharing our feedback

The following is a message from Joakim Ottander at Exibea – one of this year’s selected Climate Solvers:

“Stockholm Cleantech Venture Day ´09 and the WWF nomination of this years Climate Solvers was undoubtedly the most exciting moment in Exibeas relatively short, but still eventful, history. My co-founder André Mellin and I stood proud on the stage receiving the award. I could not have imagined the benefits of getting all this publicity but my mailbox is flooded ever since.

What is quite funny is that since we received the award we have been discussing how we can create an eco-friendly product in every aspect, from cradle to cradle. Even if the product itself will make way for a better environment it is still important for us to consider the complete lifecycle analysis. Since we will be seen in the WWF context we are now even more proud of being an ecofriendly company. We are now continuing our journey with renewed energy!”