Five Climate Solver honorees coming to Mission Innovation in Malmö

A tap to put on your fosset that can save up to 98% of the water and an Electric Vehicle charging as real estate service. A fully automatic room level service for stable and more economic heating. An innovation that makes wind propulsion for large ships and another one that makes electricity from low grade industrial waste heat.  These are the honorees of Climate Solver Nordic this year, which marks the 10th year the award is handed out – and they join a family of more than a hundred innovations from across the world that have been assessed for climate impact potential and honoured.

For the first time, a majority of the five awarded Nordic companies are Finnish and the rest Swedish. The awards will be given out on May 22nd next week, by the Nordic Ministers of Energy, when the world of energy and climate change innovation will gather in the Öresund region for the 9th Clean Energy Ministerial meeting, as well as the 3rd Mission Innovation Ministerial conference and Nordic Clean Energy summit this week.

One of the goals with the Climate Solver initiative is to look for transformative technologies and business models that can disrupt the ‘business as usual’ approach. Small, incremental changes will not be enough to fulfil the Paris agreement; we need innovations with high impact potential to commercialise fast in order to reach a net zero emission economy fast enough. The five honorees this year are great examples of what is needed to make profound changes.

According to WWF estimates, just these five innovations from Sweden and Finland have a potential to reduce CO2 emissions globally by more than 100 million tons each year in ten years – which is almost as much as these two countries emit together within their country boundaries.

All these five honorees show high ratings om climate impact performance. One of the awarded companies for example, is Altered for the tap that saves up to 98 percent of the water.

  • More than 1.5 billion people today live in water stressed areas. This challenge cannot be solved by a single solution. But we felt we needed to contribute with something.  We want to redefine water saving.  Being named a WWF Climate Solver is extremely valuable and we hope it will draw attention both to our products and the situation as a whole, says Johan Nihlén, CEO of Altered, Sweden

The five honorees this year are

Same Tap – 98% less water by Altered Stockholm AB, Sweden

Electric Vehicle charging as real estate service by Parking Energy Ltd, Finland

Fully automatic room level service for individual and stable heating – using less energy by Fourdeg, Finland 

From waste to value by converting low-grade heat into electricity by Againity, Sweden

Wind propulsion for large ships by Norsepower, Finland


Press releases here:

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International Press Release ahead of Mission Innovation / Clean Energy Ministerial: Energy Ministers must scale up support of innovative clean energy technologies to tackle climate change:


For Mission Innovation in Malmö we also release the Sweden in the Global Cleantech Innovation Index report where we assess Sweden's strengths and weaknesses in the cleantech innovation ecosystem. This is a supplementary report to the main Global Cleantech Innovation Index and it's supplementary report for the UNIDO countries in Global Cleantech Innovation Programme. 


Congratulations to all honorees, and we look forward to seeing you in Malmö next week!