Climate Solver Tool for Everyone - Over to you to explore high impact innovation

If you had tried to check in on our climates solver tool site last year, last month or yesterday it was a password protected site for us at WWF and subcontracted consultants to do assessments on our own and other accelerator programme innovation portfolios in order to judge between the ones with the very significant positive climate impact potential over the coming decade, the ones with less so and the ones with none at all or even counterproductive. That was yesterday. In the spirit of the open source movement and for the support and large investments required in the innovations that actually do matter in our common fight against climate change we now make it open – welcome to the Open Climate Solver Tool.

Climate Solver Tool was created for WWF in-house assessments to honour, verify, give credit and visibility towards those innovations that do not only have a good team, large market opportunities, great tech and/or business model – but also are of high impact character. We call them Climate Solver if they have a potential over 20 million tonnes of CO2eq over the coming decade and the 100+ entrepreneurs to date in 2019 that are backing these are startup heroes of our time. Some of the ones that really matter over the coming decade’s fight for better jobs, better economy with significantly lower emissions.

Time has passed and after the Paris Agreement and the IPCC 1.5 report we note a rapidly increased interest by other portfolio managers in doing these kind of assessment and it has kept us busy in this exciting exploit of high impact potential, for example in the Mission Innovation Solution Framework where WWF is one of several partners.

But this should not only be the fun, exciting, important and explorative innovation job for us! After assessing more than 500 innovations ourselves for high impact it is time to say: The important thing is not for us to learn more about this but for mainstream corporates, cities and investors to really understand, identify venture opportunities, explore high impact at portfolio level and invest heavily in the stuff that can really matter at scale already now in the short-term towards halving global emissions by 2030.

The development money and endless hours of work put into developing and using the tool was never meant to be for WWF patenting or protecting. But we need to protect innovation company and portfolio managers data on protected sites. Our realization however from comparing with like-minded tools that have turned up more recently is that we are fairly unique in this space of being able to do assessments across the whole economy, intersection between traditional sectors and packaging different applications of the same tech in various sectors. We built it to be open for outside of the box thinking and innovation in this space. And we believe the world would benefit from a common, rapidly evolving and well resourced framework for innovations with avoided emissions potential at scale with tools and platforms. Ours is an early one of them with the wish for others to help in improving and exploring as time goes by.

Because we need the many to become Framework Explorers for innovation that matters for a max 1.5 degree global warming future. And besides – don’t you want to know the climate value of your innovation portfolio or venture? As demands to act bravely are increasing very fast it really is time to find out. So Join Us at a level that suits you!

Today we put a decade of development work and use of this data tool behind us and open it up for free. Just get onto the tool and log in using Email and Password panda.

In the hope of doing our bit in unleashing the new wave of high impact innovation and investment therein.    

Stefan Henningsson and the Climate Solver Team