Amazing Nordic entrepreneurship at display in Malmö

Amazing Nordic entrepreneurship at display in Malmö

Climate Solver Nordic Honorees gathered with well-deserved diplomas

Cleantech Capital Day in Malmö gathered the perfect combination of large corporates, government agencies, international investors, civil society and most importantly a very large number of ground-breaking entrepreneurs. The energy that went into these two days of co-creation in the form of pitching, bilaterals, trilaterals, professional speed-dating between different stakeholders for the creation of a more healthy planet is hard to describe. The entrepreneurs gathered had gone through nine months of scrutiny from professional jury members so were all top notch of sustainable innovation from the Nordic region. If a helicopter with money, corporate buy-in and policy empowerment would have dumped it over High Court in Malmö these days the Nordics would be well under way to be the Silicon Valley of Sustainable Innovation and reaping great financial rewards in the process. Lots of new investments and solutions growth will undoubtedly come from this explosion of creativity. Politicians were largely not present in this solutions conference and a stark increase of urgency to combat climate change was reported this week by Carbon Brief. The gathering of entrepreneurs, agencies, investors, corporates agreed on the fact that revenue creation prospects are good but there are many regulatory barriers in the way to unleash the force of scaling the many solutions fast enough towards a much needed circular economy and full renewable energy transition. 

The 12 Climate Solver Nordic were celebrated and honored before the 200 (wherof 60 were investors and 60 were innovation companies) distinguished participants from many parts of the world such as China, North America, Arab region as well as Europe ofcourse. The session with them presenting gathered a jam packed room and another 100 following on distance through Periscope. Accenture, IKEA, Cleantech Invest, Swedish Incubators & Science Parks (SISP), Swedish Postcode Lottery and Clean Motion all added very good value to this session. So do have a look at the 12 entrepreneurs if you have not already done so. Also if you have missed it, do check the press releases below. There was also the exciting final of Nordic Cleantech Open where we advise you to look at all Top 25, the three voted winners by the panels and audience were Fresh.Land, TRINE and SBT Aquatec.    

Press releases here in Nordic press/languages 

In Swedish

In Finish

In Norwegian

In Danish

So congratulations to all winners, honorees, organisers and participants. Together we can be an unstoppable force of positive change for people and planet that also generates profits.    

Next week on Wednesday Climate Solver hits Cape Town for more ground-breaking entrepreneurship joining a growing global family. 


Stefan Henningsson 


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