Cleantech – Bright Spark in Financial Crisis

Cleantech – Bright Spark in Financial Crisis

Cleantech companies appear to be a bright spark in the current financial crisis.Despite the panic on global stock markets, interest for sustainable investments remains steady.

Climate Solver Rehact announced a public offering in order to finance a planned expansion of the company last week. The announcement led to over 1500 downloads of their information memorandum in just a few days. “Our interpretation is that more people are looking for investments with high potential in the medium term, given that the turbulence of the stock market is expected to last,” says Svante Bengtsson, CEO of Rehact AB.  

The fact that nearly 40% of all currently produced energy is used for buildings is leading more and more countries to focus on energy efficiency measures.  Energy efficiency is generally much more cost effective than investing in new sources of energy.

One important reason for the increasing interest in the cleantech industry is the huge potential in rapidly developing China and India.  “Since they basically build from scratch- two billion square meters per year in China alone – people in these markets are much more open to new thinking and the so-called technological leap than in Western Europe. We have already had visits from China, and been invited to India to present Rehact Energy Systems,” says Svante Bengtsson. 

Keeping our fingers crossed that many wise investors will find their way to Rehact and other sustainable solutions! 

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