Comfort, without the environmental cost

Comfort, without the environmental cost

Chinese innovation provides green solution to temperature extremes

The quest for a constant, comfortable temperature in which to live and work can be directly linked to approximately 60% of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, an action which ironically leads to the uncomfortable temperature extremes that we were so anxious to avoid.

A Chinese company has found an innovative solution to the challenge of moderating temperatures in regions which experience both extremely hot summers and cold winters.

The Hunan Qiuke Heat-Source-Tower Heat Pump Technology Engineering company (QIUKE) was named as a WWF Climate Solver for its design of a wide-finned copper pipe evaporator system which works equally well in humid summer and winter conditions.

The wide-finned structural design uses sensible heat (the warmth generated when an object is heated) and latent heat (heat that causes a change in state – from liquid to solid or gas - without changing the temperature) to supply air conditioning, heating and hot water for the building.

The design reduces frosting on the air conditioning unit, which in turn means that an auxiliary heat pump is not needed, even in the most extreme conditions.

In the summer, a large scale screw air compressor is used in conjunction with the wide-finned copper pipe evaporator.

The energy savings in all seasons from the technology are as high as 30% even when used in conjunction with a traditional air conditioning system, and as much as 60% if the QIUKE system is used on its own.

According to the WWF's Senior Advisor of Climate Innovation at the Global Climate and Energy Initiative, Stefan Henningsson, if technology with this performance is applied in just 15% of new and retrofitted buildings globally by 2023, there will be a saving of about 25 million tons of CO2 emissions each year.

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