Climate Solver Biorecro short-listed in Virgin Earth Challenge

Our friends at Biorecro have every reason to be really excited at the moment. They’ve recently recieved confirmation that they’ve been short-listed in the Virgin Earth Challenge, which attracted over 2500 entrants.

Launched by Sir Richard Branson in February 2007, the Virgin Earth Challenge will award of $25 million to the candidate that can demonstrate a design for net removal of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere as a means of stabilizing anthropogenic climate change. The jury is comprised of very knowledgeable and distinguished members including Branson, Al Gore, Dr. James Hansen and Tim Flannery.

As of October 2011, the leading organisations in the Earth Challenge are: Biochar Solutions, from the US; Biorecro, from Sweden; Black Carbon, from Denmark; Carbon Engineering, from Canada; Climeworks, from Switzerland; Coaway, from the US; Full Circle Biochar, from the US; Global Thermostat, from the US; Kilimanjaro Energy, from the US, the Savory Institute, from the US and Smart Stones from the Netherlands. Certainly a number of interesting solutions that we’re looking forward to hearing more about!

Read more on the Virgin Earth Challenge here.

Climate Solver Solvatten takes home 2 impressive awards!

From their most recent newsletter -

Solvatten has been short-listed for two prestigious awards, one in the USA and one in the UK. The themes of the awards – food sustainability and green innovation – illustrate the broad range of benefits offered by the technology.

The SAACC Deloitte Award recognizes innovative and groundbreaking small Swedish business focused on viable energy alternatives and energy conservation. Solvatten is one of the short-listed companies and will be presented at a Royal Gala Award Dinner in New York on the 1st of November. The organisers are the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and the jury is made up of academics and CEOs from leading Swedish companies.

The winners of the UK-based International Green Awards will be announced three weeks later in London at a dinner in the world-famous Natural History Museum. The awards are made annually in several categories and Solvatten is short-listed for the Best Green Product Innovation.

That time of year – Climate Solver 2011 Launch

Yes indeed – today’s the day for presenting the 4th annual selection of Climate Sovlers in Sweden. After meeting the crew last night over dinner I was once again struck by the amazing entrepreneurs behind these technologies. They’re smart, creative, passionate and fun. In other words they’re just as awesome as the innovations they develop.

Our Climate Solvers will be presented at a conference in central Stockholm later this morning. In addition to the presentation of these Climate Solvers we have a number of very interesting speakers lined up who will support the theme Global Challenges – Global Opportunities.

The following is the list of the technologies chosen this year. Climate Solvers 2011:

Super-efficient insulation material – Svenska Aerogel

Intelligent charging stations for electric vehicles – ChargeStorm

ClimaCheck perfomance Analyser – ClimaCheck

Energy storage systems – SEEC

You will find more detailed information on these new additions at the top of the list under the Innovations section of this website. Enjoy!

It’s here! Enabling the Transition – Climate Innovation Systems for a Low-Carbon Future

I’m very happy to announce the release of our new WWF report Enabling the Transition – Climate Innovation Systems for a Low-Carbon Future. The report is born after more than three years of research, produced by some 20 researchers and just as many WWF’ers from a dozen countries, and resulting in 804 pages of work!

 Since 2008 we have showcased the incredible potential for CO2 emission reductions with climate innovations. With reality checks from countries all over the world we want to make it clear what it takes to deploy climate innovations at the speed and scale we need. And I can tell you this much: it’s not about the technology!

Get inspired about the rationale for exploring new forms of collaboration! Get updated about policy instruments that need to be put in place! Get serious about private investments if we’re gonna get anywhere at all!

My warm and sincere gratitude to all of you who’ve been part of this process so far – entrepreneurs, researchers, agencies, incubators, corporates, investors, cities – and who continue the struggle to build stronger, better-performing climate innovation systems to enable the transition to a low carbon future. If you want to join forces, please be in touch. There’s a job to do out there, and we need to do it now!”

Magnus Emfel

Manager Climate Innovations, WWF Sweden