Sweden’s first major vertical-axis wind turbine operational

The new design includes a number of innovatative features.

One unique advantage is that the wind turbine is electrical controlled, unlike other wind farms in the country, which are controlled mechanically.

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Absolicons concentrating solar collectors, first in the world with Solar Keymark certification

Absolicons concentrating solar collectors are the first in the world with Solar Keymark certification . Now all European markets are open to the Absolicon X10 solar collector that concentrates the sun! The Swedish National Testing and Research Institute have issued the coveted Solar Keymark certification for Absolicons revolutionary solar collectors. It is the first time a solar panel with 10 times concentration is certified.

- This certification gives us a green light in terms of our technology and  removes important trade barriers, says Absolicon CEO Joakim Byström.

Bill Gates on climate technology

Quote from Bill Gates

“I am surprised that the climate debate hasn’t focused more on encouraging R&D since it is critical to getting to zero emissions,” said the man who admits to spending some of his spare time watching online MIT lectures on physics and chemistry.

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Climate solver technology presented at COP15 in Copenhagen

The BIOAGRO system has been selected as a Swedish sustainable energy solution and will be presented on a study visit arranged by Sustainable Business Hub during the event “Climate Bridge” during COP15.

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