Tempress - Cleantech Star 2012

Zeist - Tempress won WWF Holland's Cleantech Star Award 2012. The jury found the company from Vaassen the most distinctive cleantech company in the Netherlands. The award was presented during the third WWF Cleantech Symposium.

Tempress provides innovative machinery and associated technology for the production of highly efficient solar cells. "Tempress has proven that a Dutch company in a very specific industry has a unique world position," said the jury. The jury assessed cleantech companies based on innovation potential, as well as on their contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. The company received the Cleantech Award from jury Chairman and CEO of Siemens Netherlands Ab van der Touw. 

At the moment, the Dutch cleantech sector is 21st on the global ranking. WWF Holland would like to see the Netherlands in the top 10 by 2020. In order to achieve that ambition stable regulations, adequate funding and a strong domestic market are necessary. According to WWF Director Johan van de Gronden, "The Netherlands has a cleantech industry with a solid foundation and great potential, both in terms of innovation and the private manufacturing industry."  

Six companies nominated for WWFs Dutch Cleantech Award 2012

WWFs Dutch Cleantech Award 2012 will be awarded on December 11, to the most promising cleantech company during the Clean Tech Symposium in Rotterdam. Six companies that make an important contribution to a 100% renewable energy supply have been nominated.

The following companies have been nominated by an independent jury: Hygear, Locamation, SkyNRG, HeatMatrix, Tempress and A. de Jong Group. “The variation in the six nominated companies illustrates the breadth and potency of the cleantech sector. From technological innovation to ICT or chain innovation, from energy savings to smart grids and solar energy to sustainable biofuels,” said jury chairman and CEO of Siemens Netherlands Ab van der Touw as the nominees were announced.

The purpose of the award is to stimulate the cleantech sector in Holland so solutions can grow and reduce emissions worldwide. At present Holland is in 21st place worldwide. Denmark, China and Germany lead the top 25 according to WWF in the Clean Economy, Living Planet report.

“The Dutch cleantech sector already has a good foundation. To get into the top ten worldwide there is a need for stable regulations, adequate funding and a strong domestic market. Only then can the sector take off and enable the Netherlands to reach the top 10,” says WWF Director Johan van de Gronden. Cleantech is seen as one of the drivers of a green economy in both the government manifesto and in a recommendation of the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands (SER) on energy and economy cleantech. “Such support is very useful for this sector. We are on the right track. ”

The Cleantech Star Award 2012 is organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), together with employers organisation FME-CWM and energy company Eneco. The nominees will present themselves on the WWF Cleantech Symposium which will be held on December 11 at Drijvend Paviljoen in Rotterdam.

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Locamation smart grid automation and smart grid automation-related products and services

SkyNRG enabling biofuel flights

A. de Jong Group energy efficiency and environmental technology services

HyGear turnkey plants for generating hydrogen and biogas

HeatMatrix light and small heat exchangers for waste heat recovery from industrial flue gas

Tempress solar energy solutions

Six New Climate Solvers Presented Today!

Climate Solver will celebrate its 5th anniversary at its annual conference in Stockholm today. And in keeping with our earlier traditions, we'll present this year's harvest of inspiring climate innovations. As lack of sufficient funding is one of the major barriers that often keep such solutions from reaching the market and their full potential, the conference theme this year is Financial Vehicles, which is also the name of a discussion paper (See Publications). And so not to keep you in suspense for a moment longer... the list of selected Climate Solvers 2012: Emerging Cooking Solutions AB - Biomass-waste Pellets for Efficient Cookstoves  

Heliospectra AB - L4A Efficient Greenhouse Lighting 

HiNation AB - HiLight Solar Light and Charging  

Powerfy AB - Solar-powered Rural Mobile Charging 

Solelia Greentech AB - Solar Charging for Electric Vehicles 

Waves4Power AB – Ocean Power 


Back by Popular Demand - Climate Solver 2012

WWF Climate Solver will celebrate its 5 year anniversary this year on November 22 at our popular, annual Climate Solver Conference in Stockholm. We’re currently in the final stages of the selection process, and will soon have a decision as to which of many interesting candidates will be awarded the title Climate Solver 2012. The theme for this year’s conference is Financing the Transition where we’ll be looking at innovative financing models from around the globe, and how they might be applied in Sweden.
Meanwhile our colleagues in China are busy arranging the details of their first ever presentation of Chinese climate technologies, which of course will be profiled on this site as soon as they are announced in December.
Oh, and solutions from India will not be far behind and are expected to be presented next spring. In other words – watch this space!

Climate Solver now launched in India!

Congratulations to our colleagues at WWF India for their newly launched Climate Solver initiative! Together with an impressive team of partners, WWF will forge the path of success for Indian climate innovations – both domestically and globally. The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), New Ventures India, Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship (IIM Ahmedabad), Skyquest Technology Consulting Pvt. Ltd., and Technology Development Board (Department of Science and Technology, Government of India) have all offered their support and expertise to this promising effort.

The Climate Solver platform will provide an interface between low carbon technology innovators and industry associations, investors, government, incubation centres, and the media. After careful screening and selection of innovative clean technologies, developed by small and medium enterprises, Climate Solver India aims to showcase their potential, expand their outreach and generate awareness about them along with the overall value of innovation, as an immediate and practical solution to climate change. WWF India’s objective is to promote the use of innovative clean technologies and thereby contribute to reducing emissions and enhancing energy access.

WWF India is now accepting nominations for the first selection of  Indian Climate Solvers. Further details regarding the application process, open from 28th May till 31stJuly, are provided on the WWF India – Climate Solver webpage.

For details and queries please contact Ms. Indrani Handa – OR Ms. Kadambari Yadav – About WWF-India