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Times are changing

The earth’s climate is undergoing rapid, life-altering changes. But real help is already on the way. New energy solutions are being developed all around the world and are making a positive impact on the environment. is a climate innovations portal developed by WWF. Our objective is to strengthen the development and wide-spread use of transformative technologies with great potential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and increase energy access around the globe.
We’ll introduce you to some of the entrepreneurs and technologies that give us hope for the future right now, right here. In addition to their mutual desire to provide sustainable solutions, these ingenious entrepreneurs have something else in common. To bring their innovations to life around the world, they need our continued support and yours.
Because  lack technology isn’t the problem. We see instead numerous hinders and insufficient support for these innovations as they work themselves through the innovation system.
Fortunately opportunities abound for people everywhere to join forces and facilitate this transition. A change that will offer the inhabitants of this planet a desirable quality of life while simultaneously reducing our negative impact on the climate.

In large markets such as the US, China, India and Europe

Innovative breakthroughs can make tremendous, positive differences. Plus, adopting new ways of working, living and traveling could give the world economy a vital boost of energy. is the link that brings this all together. WWF has developed this platform to raise awareness for these essential technologies and to communicate the value of innovation as an immediate and practical solution to climate change. 
So whether you’re a city planner eager to explore new solutions to urban infrastructure, an investor with an eye towards clean technologies or a business leader looking to increase the energy efficiency of your operations, we welcome you to join us in building an exciting, low carbon future!
Be a part of the solution!