Kitchen Waste Recycling and Treatment

Statistics shows that 30-50% of the world's annual production of food is wasted. In China, the food waste amounts to about 60 million tons annually, equivalent to the food of 200 million people a year. Without proper disposal, kitchen waste will pollute the soil, water, and even back go to the table. At the same time, the waste food of high organic content, abundant nutrition, containing huge resource value of utilization.

Food Waste Treatment and Nutrition Recovery by Black Soldier Fly, is a system that using a kind of insect: Hermetia illucens to convert the wasted nutrients into insect protein and natural organic fertilizer. With the modern management and industrialized production process, this technology can process large-scale food waste in the city. The collected kitchen waste will be automatic sorted, crushed, bio-deodorized, processed into Black Soldier Fly’s food, and finally produce the larvae and frass. The whole process is a natural way of nutrient circulation. A city with the population of 1 million will generate about 100 tons of kitchen waste every day, including 60 tons dry matter. This can produce 20 tons of larva and 40 tons of fertilizer.

The larva is a kind of high quality raw material of feeding nutrition. The protein percentage is high, and the composition is close to the fish oil. The larva contains rich antimicrobial peptide, which also can be used as a substitute for antibiotics. As a kind of natural organic fertilizer, frass can be applied to fruits, vegetables, flowers and other crops.

If the technology can dispose 2% of the world's organic solid waste by 2025 and the produced animal protein and organic fertilizer can replace the corresponding production of animal feed and fertilizer, it will avoid 42 million tons of CO2 emissions annually.

The business of the company covers provinces like Shanxi, Gansu, Sichuan, etc. The company takes the third batch of projects “NDRC Pilot City of Food Waste Treatment and Nutrition Recovery” in Weinan city, Shan’xi province with a daily capacity of 60 tons. In the future, the company will conduct further study on deep processing of larva to separate protein and fat, and explore the market in cosmetics and feed industry.

The team is led by Mr. Wu Zheng, who studied in UK for years, and Professor Yu Ziniu from Huazhong Agricultural University. It brings in extraordinary members with rich experience in equipment and technology. The company has cooperated with South Korea's top biotech corp as the pioneer in the biotechnology in Chinese kitchen waste treatment. CEO Mr. Wu Hongliang has 10-year experience in automation R&D and has expertise in large scale production.