Cold data storage

Our society has entered the era of big data. All kinds of data are in massive growth with digitization process and the application of the Internet. In 2020, the data size will be 44 times of that in 2011. In 2015, the power consumption of China's data centers accounted for 1.5% of the total electricity consumption, indicating a huge potential for energy saving. The traditional way for cold data storage with disk array is of high energy consumption. The Optical Disc-based Cold Data Storage System is one of the technical solutions to reduce data center energy consumption and operation costs.

Optimal Management Technology for Optical Disc-based Cold Data Storage System, combined with the Optical Disc-based Storage System, a kind of online device with robotic picker to quickly select and move a disc, is able to carry out a fast and accurate search for the massive data in the smart optical disc cabinet. This technology establishes data base on the disk and can manage, archive, retrieve and access the database and its data and files through Optical Disc-based Storage System management software and database management software. This system creates the similar condition to magnetic storage, enlarging the application of Optical Disc-based Storage System in data storage, data management, retrieval and backup. It can also be used in magneto optical multi storage system.

For data center, the comprehensive energy consumption is 90% less than disk array if Optimal Management Technology for Optical Disc-based Cold Data Storage System is taken. By 2025, if the system could be applied to 15% of cold data storage for data centers, it could avoid 22 million tons CO2 emissions per year.

The company will carry out pilot project for water conservancy system in Shandong. At the same time, it will cooperate with CCIA, MIIT to carry out road shows of product application in 50 cities to increase product influence and sales revenue. It will also establish branches in main markets to promote product experience demonstration and docking.

There are 9 staffs in the start-up company led by CEO Mr. Yang Zhihui, who is of rich entrepreneurial experience. They actively develop new products and expand IDC data storage market, thus becoming an innovative company in the big data storage field. The original database search management and optimization system with BDR Blu ray disc storage technology has a revolutionary technical prospect in cold data storage field.