Exibea AB /ELIQ

What would you say about a device that takes a minute to install and helps you to reduce your electricity bill by 15%? Exibea has developed an easy-to-use, smart energy display called ELIQ, that helps consumers take energy saving into their own hands.
The industry is in agreement that a great deal of electricity is wasted because homeowners have difficulty keeping track of their electricity consumption - electricity bills arrive infrequently and with little detail, and logging on to the electricity company’s website often feels cumbersome.
Exibea's product ELIQ is an energy monitoring device providing consumers with direct feedback and trend analytics they can use. Research shows that this drives the consumer to a behavioral change that reduces energy use, which in turn lowers electricity costs for users, and reduces carbon dioxide emissions (Matsson 2001). Field tests in the UK have shown a 13-15% drop in electricity consumption, while another study of a similar monitor showed household electricity savings of 24 % (Magnusson 2007).
ELIQ consists of a display unit and a transmitter that is compatible with modern smart meters. The display’s 3.5-inch color touch-screen is equipped with built-in wireless communication. The transmitter unit attaches to a household’s electricity meter, registers consumption, and sends back data for graphic presentation. ELIQ does not require the services of an authorized electrician or professional, translating to lower costs for private homeowners.
Sweden and Italy seem to be the early adopters of this smart technology, and the two countries have upgraded more than 35 million households electricity meters to date. As of July 1, 2009, Swedish electricity companies have been required to replace standard electricity meters with smart meters that can be monitored remotely. The European Commission has decided that 80 % of European households will have smart meters by 2020, and American market trends look to be heading in the same direction. 

Eliq is an important tool for making individual homeowners aware of their energy consumption and its impact on our climate. Tests show that solutions similar to ELIQ result in reduced energy consumption in the range of 13 to 24%.
Assuming a 15% reduction implemented by one quarter of its European target market, ELIQ could reduce CO2 emissions by 43 million tonnes per year by 2020.  If all targeted households used the ELIQ and fully achieved its savings potential, we could avoid emitting 276 million tonnes of CO2 by 2020.*
Additional interaction with customers and consultation on energy-saving solutions could translate their awareness about energy consumption into even higher savings.

ELIQ was first launched on the Swedish market in September 2010. Exibea estimates the Swedish market to include approximately 750,000 households. Internationally, Exibea is targeting countries implementing the new generation of electricity meters on a large scale.

Exibea’s goal is to become first Sweden’s, and then one of Europe’s, leading companies for consumer products for monitoring and controlling energy consumption in households.
Exibea believes that in 5-10 years, an increasing number of private homeowners will produce their own electricity from small-scale solar panels and windmills, and then use the power produced from these sources to charge their electric cars. Given such circumstances there will be a real need for monitoring and controlling devices. The ELIQ vision is to extend the product concept from visualization of electricity consumption to a comprehensive solution for monitoring and controlling a household’s complete energy consumption.
Although the Swedish innovation infrastructure is generally solid, Exibea calls for continued and additional support for entrepreneurs, innovators and the self-employed during crucial start-up phases. It must also become both cheaper and easier to employ staff, a key factor for growth, as well as a means of creating jobs.

Joakim Ottander and André Mellin founded Exibea in 2008 as a result of their Masters Thesis at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. They had a vision of a more sustainable society and were convinced that, in order to achieve this, energy saving needs to be fun and individual efforts need to be rewarded with lower costs.

The management team consists of Joakim Ottander (Founder & CEO), Håkan Ludvigson (Business Developer), Olof Hartelius (Product Development Manager) and Joakim Botha (Marketing & Sales Manager)