Heating, cooling and lighting in our buildings consumes immense amounts of energy every day. This energy is currently derived primarily from fossil fuels, which is both detrimental to the environment and expensive.

So improving energy efficiency in buildings makes sense for the climate as well as for our wallets. Click on the links below for examples of technologies with the potential to radically reduce energy use in our buildings. 

Living Ricron Panels- Construction Panels Using Waste Multilayer Plastics
Living Carbonlites: Bottled BIO-CN
Living Capturing particulate matter from diesel generators
Living Cloud-based smart heating. Developed by: Fourdeg
Living Preserving water through smart nozzles. Developed by: Altered
Living Renewable Energy-based smart micro-grid using DC appliances. Developed by Basil Energetics Private Limited
Living Gorilla energy efficient ceiling fans. Developed by: Atomberg Technologies Private Limited
Living Intelligent Heating and Cooling Technology for Building Developed by: Henan Runheng Energy Management
Living Making laundry clean, cool and detergent free. Developed by: Scandinavian Water Technology
Living Radiant Cooling Solution for Building Sector by Oorja Energy Engineering
Living Helping consumers manage their home energy by Viva Labs
Living Creating a new paradigm in daily water and energy usage by Orbital Systems
Living Highly energy efficient heating systems by EyeCular Technologies
Living Smart energy at home using cloud and storage by Suntherm
Living Innovative and efficient air dome
Living High-durability timber
Living Photovoltaic Ceramic Tile
Living Heat-Source-Tower Heat Pump
Living Geothermal Building Cooling Systems
Living Air to Air Heat Exchanger for Cooling
Living L4A Efficient Greenhouse Lighting
Living Efficient Insulation Material
Living Solar Chiller
Living Low Energy HVAC System
Living Rehact Intelligent Energy System
Living Solar Lighting System
Living NordIQ Soft Control System
Living District Heating & Cooling System
Living ReHydrator
Living AirLight Heat Exchanger