AirLight Heat Exchanger

Airec AB Heat exchangers are the hidden workhorses of heating and cooling, and also a hidden source for startling improvements in energy efficiency and CO2 reductions.

Airec specializes in Gas-to-Liquid heat exchangers, and has revolutionized the corrugated shape of the metal plates inside its exchangers to make them extremely compact yet highly efficient.

Airec’s exchanger design is optimized for systems which either cool air or use energy from a hot gas flow. The company’s ”brazed” exchangers are also designed for use in gas-and-water applications where different pressures must be accommodated. All surfaces of an Airec exchanger are heat transfer surfaces, so while one fluid or gas passes over one side of the plate, the other is directly flowing on the other side.

The company’s innovative AirLight exchangers, designed specifically to be cost-effective and optimized for air-and-water cooling systems, can increase energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions by up to 30% in systems for air conditioning, freezing and ventilation.

According to Airec’s own estimates, there are 28 million systems installed annually where AirLight could be used. If implemented by 10% of its target market, the AirLight technology could reduce CO2 emissions by 246 million tonnes per year by 2020.*

Airec currently has a large number of projects with leading global companies that use its exchangers, technology and knowledge.

The company’s ambition is to expand rapidly, both domestically and internationally, so that AirLight exchangers can play an active role in the global ambition to save energy, reduce CO2 emissions and protect the environment.

The company’s expansion goals are set for annual growth of at least 50%, with export accounting for 90% of that growth. Expansion and development will continue in close partnership with large international companies around mutual development and application projects. This cooperation with large companies provides Airec with important feedback for optimizing the heat exchangers for different applications, combined with automatic marketing channels for Airec’s products.

In order to optimize new applications, Airec plans to develop new versions of the AirLight heat exchangers in the near future. They will be based on the brazed design and unique plate patterns, which are protected by various international patents.

Sven Persson is an inventor, entrepreneur, and as CEO and founder of Airec has worked with air heat exchangers for 30 years. Persson has successfully built several international heat exchanger companies. The idea for Airec’s unique design came from combining traditional compact liquid/liquid plate heat exchangers with the special requirements which apply when working with air or other gases.