Cloud-based smart heating. Developed by: Fourdeg

Cloud-based smart heating 

Keeping warm in cold climates is an essential part of living. Unfortunately, it’s also destructive to the environment. In fact, heating buildings accounts for a whopping one-third of all greenhouse gas emissions. Twice as much as traffic generates. And it’s costly too: People spend four times as much money on heating as they do on telecommunications.

But what if there was a smarter approach to maintaining room temperature? One that could adjust to the number of people using a space, or adapt to local weather conditions? That’s the promise of Fourdeg Smart Heating®.  Fourdeg’s approach improves indoor comfort with individual and stable heating. And saves heating and energy costs by lowering consumption and enabling demand-side management. The service works automatically at room level accuracy in any size building— commercial or residential. It can be adjusted remotely by tenants or maintenance personnel. 

District heat generation requires burning fuel in the form of coal, gas, wood or other biomass. And that generates CO2. Fourdeg’s approach consumes 10-35 percent less heating energy by adjusting the temperature of each room at the right time – resulting in savings in the whole energy network.

Fourdeg has run real life building pilots where they’ve shown an average reduction of 20 percent in emissions per building. Centralized heating is popular worldwide. In fact, more than 130 million consumers receive their heating through district approaches. So, rolling out an approach like Fourdeg could have a significant positive impact on greenhouse gas emissions around the world. 

In fact, if Fourdeg’s innovation, or others like it, penetrates 20 percent of the target market by 2028, the global greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced by 25 million tons of CO2e annually.

Fourdeg has developed the business approach to co-deliver the service with facility management companies and energy companies. Fourdeg is looking for business partners to extent the service from Finnish markets to other markets; Nordic, EU and later to Russia and China. Smart money funding is naturally required for expansion as well. Fourdeg is always willing to collaborate with other cleantech companies and activists to fast act versus the waste of energy and excess CO2 emissions.

Fourdeg’s team features energy experts, algorithm developers and software architects among other critical skill areas. The company’s founders include:
• Markku Makkonen, CEO
• Jarkko Saunamäki, CDO, and Vice President
• Mikko Kaijärvi, Chief Technology Officer