Heat-Source-Tower Heat Pump

Air conditioning and hot water system account for 40%-50% of total energy consumption in buildings. Through innovative structural design, Qiuke Heat-Source-Tower Heat Pump utilises sensible and latent heat in the air to efficiently carry out triple supply of air-conditioning, heating and hot water for the building. Meanwhile, the product has the same advantage as common water-cooling air conditioner and water source heat pump. The emission reduction potential of the product will be more remarkable when applied in areas with hot humid weather in the summer and cold humid weather in winter.

The cooling process in summer conducts low-temperature-range heat transfer with closed wide-finned copper pipe evaporator. Meanwhile, large-scale screw air compressor is used. The product performs well with high energy efficiency ratio. The heating process in winter conducts the low-temperature-range heat transfer with hot-source-tower by absorbing heat in the air and then extracting it with heat pump. Meanwhile, the wide fin will slow down the frosting speed so as to avoid frost-blocking problem of traditional air source heat pump without using an auxiliary electric heating system. It can save energy by 40-60% and 30% separately if compared with the traditional combined air conditioning system (water-cooling machines plus boilers) and the traditional air source heat pump. It can be widely used separately in the areas of subtropical monsoon climate, tropical rainforest climate and temperate continental monsoon climate, or be used in conjunction with ground source heat pumps to compensate for the insufficient of cold (hot) sources.

If applied in 15% of new and retrofitted buildings by 2023 globally, there is a potential to avoid CO2 emissions of about 25 million tons per year.

The key markets lie in replacing the traditional (coal or gas) boiler and installation in commercial buildings. The central air-conditioning equipment set based on heat-source-heat pump will be deployed with innovative financing models such as Energy Performance Contracting and Build Operate Transfer.

QIUKE was founded in 2009 and jointly established “Heat-Source-Tower Heat Pump Research Center” with Hunan University. Lead by CEO Bocheng Liu, QIUKE develops new products and extend product chain actively and grow into an outstanding environmental Science & Technology Private Enterprise. The Founder of QIUKE, Mr Qiuke Liu, is the CTO of the company.