Highly energy efficient heating systems by EyeCular Technologies

It’s simple physics: When stored in a tank, warmer water rises to the top and cooler temperatures will be located toward the bottom of a tank. It’s a thermal dynamic effect called stratification. With the help of heat pumps or other heat sources, water can be heated. The performance of heat pumps, gas condensing systems and solar thermal systems is strongly influenced by the level of thermal stratification inside storage tanks. When water is circulated either as part of charging the tank or supplying hot water to the user, this stratification can be disturbed.

It’s what drives EyeCular’s product, Stratiflex™. Stratiflex creates and maintains stratification in hot water tanks to make the energy systems significantly more efficient. Through the technology, incoming water is guided to the correct thermal layer inside storage tanks. Energy savings are obtained because the varying temperatures are preserved, and not mixed together. For heat pumps, StratiFlex reduces the electricity consumption by 10 – 15 percent, for solar thermal systems, the accumulation of energy increases by up to 30 percent, and thereby reduces the energy consumption of the auxiliary energy accordingly. For gas condensing systems, it reduces gas consumption by up to 6 percent. 

EyeCular’s customers are heating system suppliers around the globe as well as OEMs of hot water tanks. End users are commercial and residential consumers of heated water.

If the StratiFlex innovation for thermal stratification is used in heating applications like heat pumps, solar thermal systems, and condensing boilers, it would increase output and reduce consumption of energy, saving up to 30 percent of the energy. Given a 30 percent market share for the innovation this would save 26 million tons of CO2 annually by 2026.

Thanks to product refinements, the capacity of the Stratiflex has been expanded – now one installation can handle the heating needs of everything from a single family home to an apartment building. StratiFlex is being launched together with heating system suppliers at the ISH trade fair March 2017.

Martin Spanggaard is CEO and founder of EyeCular. Martin has been working on development of stratifiers since May 2012, and is the inventor of several patented solutions. Simon Furbo is an associate professor at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and has an in depth experience within solar energy and thermal stratification.

"Saving the climate (if saving the planet is to grant to say), is the single most important challenge, which must be solved. All other challenges in the world becomes redundant if we do not succeed in solving the climatic challenge." Martin Spanggaard, CEO, Contact +45 5269 5955