Making laundry clean, cool and detergent free. Developed by: Scandinavian Water Technology

Laundry. For a process that’s about cleaning, its impact on the environment is downright dirty. Consider this: The average family of five does 500 loads of laundry each year. Globally, that amounts to 29 billion loads. And generates 700 million plastic jugs of laundry detergent in US landfills alone each year. Not to mention the pollutants that flow into water systems. In fact, 90 percent of all chemicals washed into sewage from households consists of cleaning liquid, detergent and fabric softener. Detergents also contain micro plastics that pass through water treatment plants and into lakes, streams and oceans.

But what if you could make laundry cleaner? That’s the idea behind SWATAB, Scandinavian Water Technology AB. To wash without detergents, at lower temperatures, with shorter drying times through their revolutionary product DIRO-TM21, named for the process involved, “De-Ionized Reverse Osmosis.”

DIRO-TM21 is a filter system that can be readily installed in any public or private facility. The unit is placed between the incoming water source and the washing machine and creates ultra-clean water. Water so pure, detergents and fabric softeners aren’t needed. Because DIRO filters out particles in the water that can adhere to fabric, the laundry comes out not only super clean, but extra soft to the touch.  DIRO’s product lifecycle is estimated to be up to 15 years. 

Beyond costs savings for consumers who no longer need to purchase detergents and softeners, DIRO’s benefits are significant. Cutting down on chemical detergents leads to lower acidification in water sources. The DIRO system reduces energy consumption by up to 40 percent. And the service life of machines will be longer because, without detergent, no lime-scale buildup occurs.

If this innovation or others like it penetrates 10 percent of the target market by 2027, the global greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced with 21 million tons of CO2e annually. 

Scandinavian Water Technology continues to grow: The company is installing 15 new systems in care homes in Kristianstad, Sweden, as part of a joint venture with the local municipality and the Swedish Energy Agency. Now that they’ve completed a prototype for a consumer product, they’re also looking for long term relationships with manufacturers and distributors. And Scandinavian Water Technology will take part in a symposium launched by UNSDSN in Gothenburg that explores solutions for cleaning the world’s oceans. 

Katarina Köfversköld is SWATAB’s CEO and has a background in economics.
Per Hansson invented the DIRO system. 

Emil Köfversköld works with R&D, software and electronics.
Sandra Köfversköld handles the accounting for the company.
Peter Köfversköld is SWATAB’s sales manager.
And Rickard Köfversköld is in charge of IT.