Photovoltaic Ceramic Tile

The major difficulties in developing and using solar energy on the roof are high initial and maintenance cost, construction safety and keeping architectural esthetics. However, by using photovoltaic ceramic tile developed by Zhejiang Heda Solar Technology Company, these problems can be effectively solved.

Photovoltaic ceramic tile is a tile shaped device. It has a frame with upper edge and lower plan, where solar energy battery set can be put in. The frame is made of recycled materials, through low temperature compression processes. In order to increase heat dissipation capability of the tile, roof battens are used between the tile and the roof.

Photovoltaic ceramic tile can save the secondary installation and maintenance costs of the traditional roof PV modules. Also, it has capabilities to ensure the safety of buildings, such as fireproof, wear resistance, lightning protection, electric leak-proof, and wind resistance. Moreover, the tile can remain the aesthetics of the building, with no dust and moss on the surface.

The large number of residential roofs in low residential density areas is the major market for photovoltaic ceramic tile, with the characteristics of large area and good lighting angle.

If there are 25 million buildings, nearly 5% of low residential density buildings all around the world, using photovoltaic ceramic tile by 2023, 25 million tons of CO2 emission can be avoided per year.

This Photovoltaic Ceramic Tile has been certified by CQC (China Quality Certification Centre) and TUV. In the future, a 200MW photovoltaic ceramic tile industry base is planned to be built in Fuyang, Zhejiang Province and more than 500MW roof-top photovoltaic power generation project will be started, including roofs of resident houses, Eco-storage houses, as well as buildings of energy intensive companies.

Zhejiang Heda Solar Technology was founded in 2006 and has more than 180 staffs. Its founder and chairman Mr. Hou Shengyue is an inventor with 15 years government economic management and company management experience and 18 patents of photovoltaic products. Founder and CEO, Mr. Hou Shengzhong, possesses Master’s degree of Quality Management at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, has advance insight and wide experience in industry analysis and judgment.