Preserving water through smart nozzles. Developed by: Altered

Same Tap – 98% less water

It’s a fact: Earth is in the grips of a global water crisis. According to UN Water around 2 billion people, or almost one-fifth of the world’s population, live in areas of water scarcity. By 2025 more than 3 billion people could be living in water-stressed countries—and 14 countries will slip from water stress to water scarcity.

It’s difficult to change people’s habits. But what if you could change the way water is delivered? Conventional taps allow water to gush out at around 10-12 liters a minute. And most of it is wasted, never contacting hands for washing or plates for rinsing. So, billions of gallons of fresh water runs literally straight down the drain. By “atomizing” water, creating millions of droplets through a special nozzle that emits a high-speed dense mist instead of a heavy flow, significant amounts of water and energy would be saved. That’s what the creators of Altered:Nozzle did. Producing what they call, "conscious design for new habits". It’s an approach that uses up to 98 percent less water. With nozzle models that retrofit into existing faucets.


The Altered:Nozzle reduces water usage up to an incredible 98 percent. Nozzles have dual functionality and can switch between traditional and atomized flows. What’s more, Altered:Nozzle’s products come in modern designs that fit the interior of any home. In short: they save water, energy and money without sacrificing aesthetics.

For commercial applications, businesses can save a minimum of 80 percent and a maximum of 98 percent of their overall usage. For a business with 100 employees, that means a potential saving of between 470,000 – 570,000 liters each and every year.

Along with water savings, facilities will see a decrease in energy costs because of the significant amount of energy used to heat water. Utility costs vary greatly around the globe. But looking at a business case by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the US, for a hotel in Texas, savings of 1.226 – 1.472 $ per year are projected for a company with 100 employees. With an estimated investment of 330 USD that means a payback time of less than four months.

If Altered’s innovation, or others like it, penetrates 15 percent of the target market by 2028, the global greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced by 27 million tons of CO2e annually.

During 2018 the focus is to extend the current range in order to open up new segments like Hotels, Restaurants, Businesses and Public Areas and to launch these on several key markets. Altered is also starting the development of new product lines within the water tech segment. And the vision is to be a global water tech company that provides key solutions to help solve the issue of global water stress.

Altered: was founded by three people: inventor Kaj Mickos, Professor of Innovation Technique who has spawned 14 companies and more than 30 individual patents. Johan Nihlén handles the user experience and business side. And Mikael Abbhagen is the company’s head of design and is responsible for the technology surrounding applications. The company’s production leader is Manuel Otero Quevedo. Ingrid Stjernströmer handles the company’s administration and finances. Louise Hamilton oversees customer support.