Ricron Panels - Construction Panels Using Waste Multilayer Plastics

The current rate of consumption of wood/timber is unsustainable and strict measures are needed in both controlling consumption as well the introduction of alternatives. Similarly, the scale of plastic waste generation is an ongoing challenge and it is essential to curb its negative impacts on the environment. On an average, plastic can take up to a thousand years to decompose, choking drains and river systems, contaminating soil and water, while damaging human and animal health, as well as the environment. Plastic packaging accounts for nearly half of all plastic waste globally, much of which is thrown away within just a few minutes of its first use.

In India, the major challenge is effective & safe disposal of waste. The present methods for diposal are inefficient and the awareness among public on its hazards to the environment is low.

Deeya Panel Products has found a solution to tackle the plastic waste menace. With their unique technology, they convert multi-layer plastics, that cannot be conventionally recycled into low-cost and high quality building materials called Ricron Panels. The waste is sourced from multilayer film manufacturers, packaging and waste management companies, as well as scrap dealers.

The collected waste is then carefully sorted, washed and ground to flakes based on their polymer compositions. Using the proprietary multi-stage manufacturing process, the plastic waste is then formulated into different mixtures keeping the quality of end product in mind, with applications for various industrial and commercial purposes. Ricron Panels are Greenpro certified as a green product building material by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), and the manufacturing facility is certified as a zero waste discharge unit.

  • Ricron Panels can substitute plywood (12 mm thick), MDF, PVC sheets, as well as other soft woods, for use in applications such as furniture, paver pallets,shuttering panels, etc.
  • The panels are fire-proof, water-proof, corrosion-free and termite resistant. They are stronger and non-brittle with respect to cement sheets (6 mm thick) used for roofing, and can also replace GI sheets.
  • The estimated GHG reduction by global adoption of this technology is likely to be 9 million tonnes by 2028.

Deeya Panel Products Pvt. Ltd. based out of Ankleshwar Gujarat, imbibes the idea of ‘circular economy’ and recycles multi-layer plastics and converts them to panels or sheets, to be used as low-cost and high-strength building materials. Deeya Panel manufactures high quality brick pallets, paver block pallets, recycled plastic sheets and other similar products. The panels are manufactured by their proprietary technology (patent filed) and sold under the brand name ‘Ricron’.