Solar Chiller

ClimateWell With 40% of the global CO2 emissions originating from buildings, solutions to radically reduce this impact are of great importance. The ClimateWell® SolarChiller is a highly efficient solar air conditioning system. SolarChiller can deliver cooling, heating, and hot water to buildings without using electricity, which reduces CO2 emissions as well as energy costs.

By using dry salt (not to be confused with molten salt used in concentrating solar power plants) SolarChiller becomes one of the first products to achieve efficient and integrated energy storage. ClimateWell has patented the triple-state absorption technology included in SolarChiller. A SolarChiller has three modes – charging, heating and cooling – and can continuously receive thermal energy while at the same time delivering both heating and cooling.

This helps SolarChiller meet the lower carbon requirements of both single-family homes as well as commercial buildings. With no pumps or other moving parts, SolarChiller is completely silent and practically maintenance free. To date, ClimateWell has installed hundreds of SolarChillers, with a total of 10 MW of cooling capacity and 30 MW of heating.

The SolarChiller technology employs the largest energy sources of them all – the sun – to address one of the major demands for energy globally - heating and cooling buildings. A ClimateWell solar cooling installation can reduce a user’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from heating and cooling by an average of 5,000 kilos per 100 square meters of space each and year. With a 25 percent market penetration, this technology has the potential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 101 million tons/year globally in 2020.

Starting from the installed base of SolarChiller units in Spain, ClimateWell first expanded its sales to Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Chile, and the Dominican Republic.  The SolarChiller is now available in 15 countries on 4 continents. Currently 1,000 SolarChiller units are on the order books.

The great challenge for the future is to continue to make system solutions more and more cost effective, to hasten society’s transition away from use of fossil fuels. The technology has great potential for ship cooling, truck cooling and boiler boosters. Thermal heat pump components will help ClimateWell integrate its products into heating and cooling appliances such as solar collectors, boilers and co-generation engines.

Inventor Ray Olsson and his wife Mona Kårebring Olsson together came up with the idea of energy storage in salt, and by 1998, triple state absorption technology was born. Olsson partnered with solar expert Göran Bolin to create ClimateWell in 2001. Ray Olsson is now a senior member of
ClimateWell’s team, while Göran Bolin heads ClimateWell’s innovation. CEO Per Olofsson, nominated as Business Leader of the Year by Economist magazine in 2007, joined the company in 2003.