Less cement in stronger concrete surfaces. Developed by: Formconsult AB

As the developing world continues to build homes, roads and other infrastructure, the demand for concrete rises with each passing day. Today, China accounts for a whopping 60 percent of global concrete usage with no signs of slowing. And consider this: Cement is an important component in concrete and is a big contributor of CO2 emissions around the world. Estimates project that six to eight percent of global CO2 emissions come from cement production.

But what if the process of casting concrete during construction could be optimized? Using less cement while producing better overall quality? That’s the vision behind Formconsult’s “Strongcrete RolliT RoboT.” The robot delivers a light pressure to the surface of drying concrete—compressing it in the early stages of casting.  This new technology makes it possible to level, vibrate and re-vibrate in a more efficient way. The result: stronger surfaces and a reduction in surface cracks that normally require additional treatment and repair work. Customers can reduce the cement used in the concrete mix by up to 20 percent through this technique. 

If the Strongcrete method was used worldwide, it would mean that as much as 500 million tons of cement would be saved each year. And an equal amount of carbon dioxide would be prevented from reaching the atmosphere. If this innovation or others like it penetrated 20 percent of the target market by 2027, the global greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced by 86 million tons of CO2e annually.

Thanks to Strongcrete’s innovation, the cement in the concrete could be reduced by at least 20 percent.

Formconsult’s ambition is to raise funds for market introduction in 2018, scaling up the organization to further expand globally from 2019 onwards. The business model is simple, by undercutting existing solutions on the market they will offer the technology to contractors either directly or through general agents.

Inventor Yngve Alvarsson has 40 years’ experience in concrete construction, sales and marketing.
Peter Alvarsson has been in mechanical product development for 25 years.
Stefan Alvarsson has worked for more than two decades with international marketing.
Over the years, the company has worked closely in cooperation with several customers, partners and sponsors within the construction industry.