Harnessing big data to drive efficiency. Developed by: Greater Than

"We will do to car insurance what Skype did to telephony.” It’s what the company Greater Than proclaims on its website. And it’s not at all farfetched thanks to Enerfy Driving, Greater Than’s technological platform that reduces fuel consumption and increases driver control.

Here’s how it works: Customers insert an on-board diagnostic (OBD) module into the USB port of their car. The OBD is then synced to the driver’s smart phone and information is fed to the cloud.
Based on how the driver performs, Enerfy Driving gives low-risk or high-risk scores. Low-risk drivers are those that drive generating the least amount of environmental impact. A low-risk score translates into more competitive insurance costs which can lower premiums by up to 70 percent. Not to mention the savings on fuel.

The technology processes huge amounts of driving data. Algorithms performing risk assessment are built on machine learning and training data and generate data in real time. To date, Greater Than has collected more than 160 billion miles of driving data—compared with Tesla and Google, companies that have only collected 52.2 million miles of driving data. 

Thanks to Enerfy Driving, consumers can reduce their carbon emission by 17 percent on average through eco-driving. Users will reduce car usage by up to 10 percent. If this or other similar innovations penetrated 30 percent of the cars in their target market by the year 2027, the global greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced with 103 million tons of CO2e annually.

Enerfy continues to enhance its offering with improved AI for profiling drivers in real-time. The company recently signed on with insurance company Moderna Försäkringar to provide them with Enerfy services. Enerfy continues to attract consumers who are changing their behaviors to a safer and more eco-friendly style, or leaving their cars at home altogether.

In 2004, Sten Foreske founded Greater Than. His vision: Become the most respected provider of services that make mobility more accessible, and driving less expensive, safer, cleaner and more enjoyable. Co-founder Anders Lindelöf has expertise in all aspects of software—from design to architecture. Liselott Johansson has a background in the car and medical technology industries and assumed the role of CEO for Greater Than in 2008.