Making charging easier for electric vehicles. Developed by: Parking Energy

Electric Vehicle charging as real estate service

Electric cars. They drive better. Are less harmful to the environment. And are poised to dominate road transportation in the future. There’s just one problem: Infrastructure hasn’t quite caught up to demand. And as a result, consumers often hesitate to buy EVs (electric vehicles). The biggest threshold holding them back: where to charge. Most trips during the day are between home and work. Which leaves cars parked 80 percent of the time. What’s more, most of the world’s population live in apartment buildings. So, what if every residential building and office car park had the necessary charging infrastructure for every parking space? Many of the barriers to EV purchase would fall away. 

That’s the vision behind Parking Energy. The company created a platform where cabling is separate from the active chargers. As a result, multiple types of chargers from multiple providers and with different power levels and features can coexist. The platform is future proof: When new forms of charging emerge, consumers simply swap the charger to the new standard. Since the charger is provided as a service, there’s no contract to worry about. It’s really as simple as changing your subscription. 


At the heart of the Parking Energy solution is a quick connector: Cabling can be readily connected to any infrastructure. And the charger is available within 24 hours. The charger takes a minute to install and requires no electrical re-wiring. Parking structures can be made EV-ready with one investment. And property management isn’t involved with the installment, maintenance, and metering of electricity. The cost of the cabling is less than one percent of the cost of a parking space but can add exponential value.

If Parking Energy’s approach, or others like it, accelerates the introduction of EVs by two years it would make annual emissions saving of 17 million tons by 2028. 

Parking Energy’s aim is to be involved in the global disruption of electric cars. Parking Energy is growing to worldwide market and is entering major European markets in the year 2018. Company is raising financing, creating awareness, recruiting skilled people and signs partners and major customers.

Parking Energy team of 20 persons has a long experience with electric mobility and technology:

Founders and CEO:
Heikki Suonsivu (b.1963) Chairman, M.Sc. (Tech). A serial entrepreneur, Heikki has founded and built multiple companies, among others Clinet Ltd (first ADSL service in Europe), VDSL Systems Ltd (first operational VDSL networking technology), and Portalify Ltd. Heikki has been involved in arranging seed financing, advising, and co-founding more than 10 companies.

Jukka Järvinen (b. 1976) Founder. Jukka has been involved with a number of companies in the battery and electric vehicle industries since 2001. Previously, Jukka built and exited European Batteries Ltd and has since been involved with energy storage projects for housing developments, as well as Parking Energy Ltd.  

Jiri Räsänen(b.1968) CEO, M.Sc. (Pol). Jiri has held several managerial positions, both in the public and private sectors. Prior to Parking Energy Ltd he acted as Strategist at eCarsNow!, a project to further the penetration of electric vehicles, where he got publicity in over 70 countries. Jiri is thoroughly connected to the EV world globally and to government organisations on an EU-wide basis.