Many single family houses have started to use solar energy, while for larger buildings, development has been slow.

That is about to change. Absolicon Solar Concentrator AB has developed the X10, combining solar thermal (for hot water) and photovoltaic panels (for electricity) with a smart collector that tracks the sun and employs a sophisticated controller. X10 never overheats and is efficient at high temperatures.

Inexpensive materials and optimization of the production process make Absolicon’s X10 a simple way to harness the sun for electricity and heat. And the X10 can be manufactured in a basic mechanical workshop, in any nation – presaging a great leap forward for solar.

X10 also easily scales up to provide a good return on investment for apartment houses or hotels. In southern Europe, the system has a 3-8 year payback time, as well as a good profit margin for the regional manufacturer. Absolicon’s aim is to cut the cost of solar power to one euro per watt, roughly one fourth of today’s cost.

Hotels or hospitals can provide solar-warmed water for guests, convert the energy to “solar cooling,” or even use it for waster desalinization or for industrial processes. X10’s reflector technology can produce high temperatures (up to 200°C) to improve the efficiency of solar cooling or facilitate industrial uses.

Each square meter of an X10 installation in sunny climates generates 100 kWh of electricity and 700 kWh of heat per year. A typical installation of 100 square meters will offset 775 tons of CO2 during its 25-year lifespan.

Were Absolicon to install 30 million square meters of its X10 collectors by 2020, roughly 9 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions could be avoided annually. As solar energy costs drop, the whole sector may grow rapidly and expansion of installed capacity, as well as climate benefits, could rapidly increase.

Absolicon is today selling and installing the X10 in Spain and Sweden and is working to license manufacturing abroad to grow the market. The company is focusing on the tourist sector in Spain initially as it is considered to be the most advantageous market at present, has begun installations, and is continuing to increase its orders.

Following Spain, Absolicon will approach other European markets and explore possibilities in US and India.

In general, in markets where production is cheap and energy is expensive, Absolicon X10 is primed to be a solar collector leader.

Absolicon Solar Concentrator AB was founded is 2007 by Joakim Bystrom, entrepreneur and founder of several solar energy initiatives in Sweden, such as the Solar Energy Technician School, and the Foundation for Research on Concentrated Solar. Absolicon is funded by the Swedish Energy Agency and the investment company Exoro Capital. The management consists of: Joakim Bystrom, CEO; Johan Nilsson, Chief Technical Officer; Olle Olsson, Research and Development; and Pär Thomaeus, Chief of Sales and Marketing.