Clear Water Energy Nordic

In a sensitive body of water like the Baltic Sea, algae blooms have become common place, as agricultural and sewage run-off increasingly create excess nutrient loads in the water. These bouts of eutrophication have lead to fish death, changes to delicate coastal ecosystems, and the closing of swimming areas.

Efforts to clean up the diverse sources of this pollution are expensive, and involve complex sets of political stakeholders. Based on scientific findings Clear Water Energy Nordic AB has devised an innovative system that manages to clean water sources of harmful excess nutrients. The technology also turns these harmful nutrients into desirable biomass for potential fuel production.

Clear Water Energy Nordic’s technology consists of sets of algael and bacterial cultivation units, which uptake nutrient pollution from water and, via photosynthesis, create molecular oxygen and biomass. The oxygen can be used in conventional water cleaning, while the biomass can be used for biogas production

Demand for clean water, as well the need for sources of biomass that do not compete with food production are steadily increasing. The Clear Water Energy technology offers a solution to both of these challenges. This remediation solution can drastically reduce both the energy and the chemicals required for conventional sewage and run-off water treatment.Useful biomass is also produced as a valuable by-product. The technology could, in 2020, save 24 million tons of CO2 per year with a 20 percent market penetration.


Clear Water Energy Nordic’s technology has been tested on water at two sewage treatment plants in two of Stockholm’s counties. Next steps will be to apply the system at stormwater and drainage water sites. Plans are to increase the range of toxicants that the cultivation units can remove, including heavy metals and medicine remains.

As the cultivation units are particularly useful in warm climates where the solar energy required for photosynthesis is plentiful, expansion to countries beyond Sweden is a key part of company plans.
The main barrier of this biological solution is the lack of awareness of green options for water remediation. Our efforts will focus on convincing potential customers that bio-based solutions require less energy and chemicals and can have the added benefit of biomass production.

Clear Water Energy Nordic’s team includes Tommy Landberg, a researcher on applied remediation for the Department of Botany at Stockholm University, and Herman Carr, a PhD in plant physiology focusing on algal photosynthesis and inorganic carbon uptake at Stockholm University. Carr has also carried out studies and research on algae and algal cultivation abroad. The company was founded in 2008 with the aim of providing a commercial product for biological remediation of water sources, looking at excess nutrients in water as a source biomass production rather than as a pollutant.