Optimus (Smart PV Optimiser)

In 2012, the installed PV power generation capacity worldwide has exceeded 100 GW. However, during the lifespan of traditional PV power plants, the increasing mismatch of their components has led to a drop in generating efficiency.

In response to this problem, Convertergy has developed the smart PV optimiser “Optimus”. The product executes Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) on each PV module so as to optimise the power output. It can effectively solve the problem of power loss due to shading, partial obstruction and components’ discreteness, and will increase the generating capacity of 5-25% compared with traditional PV system. Optimus has changed the current dependence of the PV industry on the inefficient traditional centralised management technology. The intelligent management of PV modules can be realised through the built-in wireless data communication module. By monitoring the running condition of components, Optimus will precisely locate the fault components, give an alarm and execute remote control. Optimus can be widely applied to new-built or existing ground mounted PV power plants and roof-top PV systems.

By increasing the output of PV system, Smart PV optimizer will help to fasten the deployment solar PV. If installed with 54% PV systems worldwide by 2023, and help to catalyze the installation of 3% PV solar capacity ahead of schedule, with its 7% average increase of electricity output, Optimus has the potential to avoid 23 million tons of GHG every year.

This product has been certified by China Quality Certification Centre and sold to state-owned large enterprises and renowned research institutions. The marketing plan of export to Europe and America has been put on agenda. The company’s strategic goal is to establish a smart PV power management system on the basis of power electronic technology while collaborating with sophisticated Internet Of Things communication system. Supported by module monitoring equipments and PV optimizers, real-time data of PV power plants be collected and analyzed so as to provide comprehensive energy management plan for PV power.

Convertergy was founded in Dec 2010 by specialists with international education background and senior Chinese experts, who have high reputation in the power electronics industry. With an industry-leading technical team and a dozen of patents for invention that have proprietary intellectual property rights, Convertergy is the sole smart optimization member enterprise in the Business Council of China-US Clean Energy Consortium.