Safe drinking water is a basic human need, yet 1.2 billion people live without it. And over 80 million households worldwide boil water to make it safe for drinking, using wood, charcoal, coal, and dung for boiling, which leads to both deforestation and CO2 emissions. In some parts of the developing world (e.g. Sub-Saharan Africa) the percentage of the population using solid fuels for obtaining safe drinking water is as high as 75%.

SOLVATTEN, a simple system that uses solar energy, built-in turbulence, and filtration, can provide clean water to people who need it while at the same time treating the environment more kindly.

SOLVATTEN is a verified and patented system for household use, designed with users in mind. Within the unit the synergistic effect of heat and UV light from the sun inactivates the organisms which cause water-borne disease. The result: water that meets WHO guidelines for drinking (<1 E-coli/100ml) water.

SOLVATTEN is simple to use, cost-effective, and reliable.  Once set up, the water treatment process takes 2-6 hours, depending on the weather, and an indicator shows when the water is safe for drinking. In addition the system functions as a portable solar heater, providing warm water for personal hygiene. 

For households worldwide that are currently boiling water with solid fuels, SOLVATTEN offers an environmentally-friendly alternative. Deforestation and CO2 emissions will be reduced when users switch from boiling, with the added benefit of reduced indoor fires and better indoor air quality. Lowering the incidence of pneumonia, acute respiratory illnesses, and lung damage is a huge side benefit of SOLVATTEN.

If distributed to 20% of its 80-million-household target market, this water treatment technology could reduce CO2 emissions by 26 million tonnes per year by 2020.*

The company have identified and divided customers into five segments today. 

  1. Companies that invest or purchase carbon offsets and credits. 
  2. Companies and charitable organizations collaborating for social and environmental benefits. CSR related projects and impact investments for new markets. 
  3. Governments and national development programs.
  4. Charitable organizations and foundations, NGO’s, international and national aid organizations with focus on Humanitarian response and disaster relief.
  5. Direct sales to private persons.  

Petra Wadström developed SOLVATTEN based on her personal experiences travelling and observing the difficulty that people, and especially women, have obtaining safe water for their families. Using her design expertise and scientific background, she crafted the SOLVATTEN idea and has been refining it since 2000.

Solvatten AB was established in 2006 as the vehicle to develop the SOLVATTEN solar safe water system. The company is privately owned and financed. In addition to Petra Wadström, the Solvatten team is made up of internationally experienced and highly committed staff. The SOLVATTEN solution has received widespread recognition and won a number of awards - Miljöinnovationtävlingen, King Carl Gustav XII’s Stipendium, Stockholm Business Region, and SKAPA priset to mention a few.