Reducing greenhouse gas emissions & energy consumption, providing a better living and working environment for people and creating many new jobs.

WWF fully supports all processes of the Commission and the European Union such as the Climate Change Programme (ECCP) that help to achieve the EU’s Kyoto targets of reducing greenhouse gas emissions at least by 8% below 1990 levels by 2008/2012. Moreover, WWF believes that in particular the ECCP can trigger sustainable climate mitigation measures that effectively can go beyond this target and set ambitious objectives for a longer timeframe. WWF also urges that policies and measures agreed by the EU should focus on domestic action to cut fossil fuel use. Here, the residential and office building sector plays a key role as more than one third of primary energy is used in buildings. WWF therefore welcomes the initiative of the Commission to develop a directive to increase the energy performance of buildings and to introduce more use of renewable energy in buildings. This paper present the climate impacts of building sector, barriers of energy efficiencr, and elements of an European Directive for energy efficiency in buildings.