G8 Climate Scorecards 2009 by WWF & Allianz, July 2009

WWF and Allianz present the Climate Scorecards 2009. These score the developments in national legislation and implementation of climate protection. The scorecards look back at achievements and the lack of them. Based on this insight, leaders at the G8 Summit can grasp the opportunity and signal to the world how
the course is changing. The analysis shows that action is underway in all countries but it is by far insufficient to keep the planet below the danger threshold of a 2°C rise of average global temperature above pre-industrial levels. New developments at the legal and practical level need to be introduced with much greater vigor and rapidity than our scoring shows so far. A simple 4-point test will reveal whether they will win or fail:
»» Leaders commit to a strong UN climate agreement in Copenhagen in December as a key lever for economic recovery.
»» To take advantage of the opportunities of climate action, leaders commit to increase their ambition
level by setting strict emission reduction targets for their own countries.
»» Leaders acknowledge their responsibility to provide support to the most vulnerable countries for coping
with those impacts of climate change that are already unavoidable.
»» Leaders agree with the large emerging economies the need for fair and pragmatic cooperation on technology, to ensure rapid deployment and diffusion of the cleanest technologies, as well as providing adequate finance to developing countries for low-carbon development.

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