Low carbon Jobs for Europe - Current Opportunities and Future Prospects WWF, June 2009

Europe’s leadership in climate policy, especially with regard to promoting renewable sources of energy, has yielded a growing number of green jobs. Yet, this is only a beginning. A much greater transition still lies ahead, and it promises millions of additional green jobs. But the current juncture of climate crisis and economic crisis is critical. The stimulus packages announced so far in Europe are green only to a limited degree—a mild boost instead of a turbo-charge.

It is crucial that the EU and its Member States sincerely commit to substantively strengthening the December 2008 climate and energy package towards at least a 30 percent domestic GHG reduction target by 2020. Doing so would allow them to harvest green job creation opportunities more fully. EU policy will influence, and be influenced by, the road to Copenhagen—the process to forge a new global agreement at the UNFCCC COP15 to amend the Kyoto Protocol. Success is vital for accelerating green job growth.

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