Other - Energy [r]evolution - A Sustainable Russia Energy Outlook

energy [R]evolution - a sustainable russia energy outlook by erec and greenpeace, april 2009 

In presenting the greatest threat the planet faces, climate change also presents an opportunity. We can avert runaway climate change and at the same time revolutionise the way we harness and use the resources available to us. We can create a sustainable society, using technologies and behaviours that are low-carbon intensive. However, we do not have much time and the transition must begin immediately.

Action is required on all fronts. Internationally, it is critical that parties to the Kyoto Protocol reach an agreement that ensures global emissions fall substantially by the year 2020. Domestically, there is much Russia can do to take a leading role in the climate debate, as well as get ahead of the game as the world moves to a low-carbon future. Currently, Russia is still one of the worst greenhouse-polluting countries in the world on a per-capita basis. Renewable energy is forced to compete on an uneven playing field,

as the lion’s share of political and financial support is enjoyed by the powerful fossil fuel industry. However, this can and must be turned around. Russia is fortunate to have some of the best renewable energy resources in the world and, with the political will, could become a renewable energy leader. It is also well placed to become much more energy efficient and reduce costs of energy as well as emissions. By setting strong targets to reduce greenhouse pollution domestically and taking the lead on climate change, Russia could steer international negotiations towards a binding agreement that ensures global greenhouse gases fall to levels that avoid runaway climate change.

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