Reinventing the City: Three Prerequisites for Greening Urban Infrastructures WWF, March 2010

Reinventing the city, a Booz & Company analysis conducted for WWF, showing that in a business-as-usual scenario, $350 trillion or seven times current global GDP, will be spent on urban infrastructure and operation over the next 30 years.

Directing these massive investments towards the development of low or zero carbon cities will be crucial to keeping average global temperature increases below the two degree rise accepted internationally as presenting unacceptable risks of catastrophic or runaway climate change.

According to Reinventing the City much of the growth in urban populations will be taking place not in the world’s mega-cities but in small and fast growing cities. These will have great opportunities to provide new low carbon infrastructure, but will also often be trying to handle growth with limited resources.

The report says the measures most needed are for cities to adopt aggressive energy reduction goals, looking to best practice urban planning as a key pathway to achieving them. Innovative financing strategies will need to be employed to find an additional $20-30 trillion over business as usual projections in additional infrastructure costs, with developed nations needing to assist developing countries meet the challenges of clean development in growing cities.

And the latest technological advances must be utilised to support and enable the planning, construction and operation of urban infrastructure in all cities.
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