Today the power sector is responsible for 37% of global CO2 emissions. This report aims at influencing the future behaviour of larger electricity companies in terms of fuel mix and investment choices via their (potential) customers and their (potential) investors. The more than 70 companies included in this project are responsible for 65% of total OECD electricity production. The overall goal is to stimulate the use of renewable energy sources (RES) and gas-CHP for electricity production. Gas-CHP refers to power plants that use a natural gas powered unit or facility to supply heat as well as electricity to consumers or industries. Scorecards for electricity companies are included for three regions: 1 (Western Europe and Russia), 2 (US and Canada), and 3 (Japan and Australia). The data for this analysis is collected by using a questionnaire for the companies and publicly available data. 

The best performing companies for the share of renewable energy in the overall fuel mix are Elkraft for region 1, FPL for region 2 and Hokkaido EPCo for region 3. For gas-CHP the best performing companies are RAOUES for region 1, FPL for region 2 and Western Power Corp for region 3. 

Nearly 65% of the European companies have shares of renewable energy in their fuel mix below 1%. Only 19% of the companies have shares larger than 2%. For regions 2 and 3 these numbers are even lower. For region 2 and 3 respectively 75% and 80% of the companies have shares below 1%. Respectively 16% and 10% have shares above 2%. Data availability for gas-CHP is limited for regions 2 and 3. For region 1 the share of gas-CHP in the fuel mix is at most 53%.  A number of companies have zero grades in the scorecards which mean that either no data is available or that these companies have no plans for renewable.

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