Renewables beyond electricity

 Renewable energy resources can offer environmentally and economically sustainable solution to deal with India’s growing energy needs. However, accelerated deployment and mainstreaming renewable energy projects require proactive and coordinated intervention by various stakeholders, including the state governments, private sector, financial institutions and NGOs.

The potential of renewable energy is not only limited to electricity generation, but also for a variety of applications (heating, cooling, mechanical and cooking) spanning across several sectors (residential, commercial and industrial). With the objective to promote and create awareness about renewable energy applications, WWF-India and CEEW came out with a report titled RE+: Renewables beyond Electricity, which focused on the status and potential of 14 renewable energy applications (WWF-India and CEEW, 2013).
As a follow up to this study, WWF India and CEEW undertook a comprehensive analytical study of two renewable energy technologies, namely, solar air conditioning and solar desalination. Findings of these studies have been reported in this document with each application (solar air conditioning and desalination) being covered under separate chapters. These particular applications were selected based on their large potential, but limited existing installation, attractive payback yet signifi cant financing challenges, interested stakeholders, environmental and social benefits, and government support, but limited awareness and market research.
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